“Celebrating the Skills, Traditions and Heritage of the Lough Neagh Fishing Community”

Wholesale fish distribution

The Lough Neagh Fishermen’s Co-operative has been amongst the fore runners of wild eel producers for decades and is recognised as the largest producer of wild caught eel in Europe, producing around 400 tonnes of eel annually.

With approximately 500 tonnes of commercial coarse fish caught annually from Lough Neagh, the Co-op have set high standards in the processing of scale fish such as pollan, perch and trout (dollaghan).


  We are a Co-operative, protecting the livelihood of fishermen and building a sustainable, viable future for fishing on Lough Neagh.


Lough Neagh eel are mainly shipped to Holland (for smoking) and Billingsgate, London (for production of jellied eel).  The majority of the Lough Neagh coarse fish is exported to Europe. All fish species are available for sale locally and more and more local chefs are cooking with Lough Neagh fish, see our recipe ideas for more information or contact us for more details on where to buy.

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