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The diversity of scale fish species with their various open seasons means that fishing for scale fish can take place all year-long on Lough Neagh.   However, did you know that it is only during the period from the 1st June until 19th August in any given year that the open season for all seven of Lough Neagh’s commercially important fish species actually coincide?


The native species to the lough are eel, pollan and dollaghan (brown trout).

(Lough Neagh Pollan)



Non-native species include perch, roach, bream & pike.

(Lough Neagh Perch)


The Lough Neagh Fishermen’s Co-operative Society is an international leader in the management of freshwater fisheries. LNFCS’ key goal is to manage the eel and scale fishing industry on Lough Neagh sustainably. This involves providing a livelihood for the current generation of fishermen while building a sustainable future for the succeeding generations of fish and fishermen to come.


With approximately 300 tonnes of eel and 500 tonnes of commercial course fish caught annually from Lough Neagh, what makes this lake so productive?


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