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‘Lough Neagh’, a new eight part series on UTV starting Mon 17th September at 8pm by the renowned TV presenter, Joe Mahon, will take us on a journey to the undiscovered corners of Lough Neagh.  Joe has spent the last 12 months exploring the landscape and meeting the people who live, work and play around the largest freshwater lake in the UK and Ireland.


At the launch of the series in Old Courthouse, Antrim on 6th September, Joe said “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring Lough Neagh for this new UTV programme. I want to challenge the perception that it’s just a working lough, merely a resource for industry and for livelihoods such as eel-fishing, sand dredging, peat extraction and water supply. For us as programme-makers that provides a great opportunity for genuine exploration – to bring people to places that they’ve never been before, to reveal the hidden beauty of its wilder corners, and to marvel at the way nature and humankind have pooled their energies to create a truly unique landscape.”


Charlie Madden, Cathy Chauhan (LNFCS), Joe Mahon, Warren Campbell (AFBI)


Pat Hughes, Roger Lively & Kieran Breen from Lough Neagh Heritage Boats and  Gary McErlain, Lough Neagh Fisherman meet Joe Mahon


In the first episode of his new eight-part series Joe Mahon spends a dark October night on the fixed weir at Toome on the Lower Bann, where the fishermen hope to intercept some of the silver eels on their migration to the Sargasso Sea across the Atlantic. He also encounters the much misunderstood Lough Neagh Fly and makes a wish at the famous Pin Tree at the ancient monastic settlement of Ardboe.  Each episode will feature a variety of topics from around the shores and on the lough, demonstrating the importance of Lough Neagh to the history, heritage and culture of the region.


Pat Close, CEO of LNFCS spoke highly of Joe Mahon’s interviewing and presenting skills saying, “Joe’s enthusiasm and his interest in every facet of the story coupled with his easy manner, really helps you forget that you are being filmed! We are delighted that the fishing industry and the people who make up the wider Lough Neagh community will have their story told in such a high profile series.  This series highlights the importance of the fishing industry to our rural community in an interesting, educational and often light-hearted manner, that no doubt all viewers will enjoy.”